Synthetic Turf

Imagine an outdoor living space with a lawn that remains lush and green all year long, no matter what you throw at it. Artificial turf allows you to have a healthy-looking yard with little to no maintenance and since it doesn’t need watering and doesn’t grow, you will be amazed by the dramatic cut in your water and lawn care maintenance expenses.

Artificial turf not only looks and feels good, it’s also environmentally friendly!

 It conserves water and eliminates the use of harmful chemicals that leach into the soil (fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, etc.). With no need to mow, it reduces harmful emissions from being released into the environment. With a synthetic turf installation, you will reduce your carbon footprint.

Rest assured, artificial turf is 100% safe for children and pets. Soft and gentle to the touch, but tough enough for all their playtime activities.

      • Bye bye bugs – That’s right, no more fire ant bites. An artificial lawn is a sterile environment so insects will never want to take residence in the lawn. Beneath the artificial grass itself, our installation process and products we use will eliminate the worry of pesky bugs commonly found in grass.
      • The Florida heat – Living in a Subtropical environment, you would think that our scorching Florida summers would render artificial turf unusable. While artificial turf does get slightly hotter than natural grass during the summer months, it is still usable. Our partners use an infill material that is made to help cool and stabilize the surface temperature of the turf, helping avoid overheating.

Florida’s rainy season – This is our longest season where we receive two-thirds of our annual rainfall. You can say goodbye to muddy foot and paw prints being tracked through the house. Artificial turf helps eliminate mud altogether by draining better remaining cleaner than natural grass due to the tough barrier between the dirt and the turf itself.

Earthcare is dedicated to establishing ourselves as one of the top leaders in the SWFL Landscaping industry. We pride ourselves on being able to provide every one of our clients with the best quality products and unparallelled customer service. With the assistance of our trusted partners, we will work with you every step of the way, from design to installation, and provide you with the outdoor living space of your dreams!


The better question is, where can it not be installed? Artificial Turf can be installed anywhere and on any surface! Below are some examples of where have put our artificial grass:

      • Residential yards, both front and back
      • Playgrounds
      • Daycares
      • Gyms
      • Animal Shelters
      • Balconies
      • Sports Fields
      • Roof gardens and patios
      • Commercial centers, both indoors and outdoors
      • Putting greens
      • Swimming pool areas and beachfront decks, and more!
      • Step 1: During the Pre-Installation process, you will choose from a variety of residential or commercial grade artificial grasses that range in both thickness and coloring. Our specialists will help you select a turf that will satisfy your needs and preferences.
      • Step 2: Remove existing grass using a sod cutter
      • Step 3: Existing edging such as a Fence, Sidewalk, Curb, or Patio will be used to secure the base material. If there is no existing edging, the crew will install “Poly Board Edging.”
      • Step 4: The crew will roll out and install “Weed Fabric” to prevent the growth of weeds.
      • Step 5: Spread the Base Material evenly to the installation site.
      • Step 6: Once the base material is evenly distributed a crew member sprays the “Base” with water while another uses a “Plate Compactor” to compact the base.
      • Step 7: The crew will roll out the artificial grass into the installation area and trim it to fit.
      • Step 8: Six inch galvanized nails will be used to secure the artificial turf around the edges followed by securing the seams with Seaming Tape & Glue.This step will ensure that the artificial grass is secured firmly on the ground and will not move.
      • Step 9: Spread “Rounded Silica Sand Infill” which helps to weigh the turf down to prevent bucking, wrinkling, and helps the turf fibers stand up straight.
      • Step 10: A crew member will then “Power Brush” the newly installed turf to give it a finished appearance.
      • Once per month: it is recommended to brush, blow off or rake your synthetic turf to remove fallen leaves, branches and other organic debris.
      • Once every 3 months: We suggest brushing your turf grass with a push broom (against the grain) to help eliminate any debris and dust as well as stabilize the fibers. Spill something? Use your garden hose to spray down any areas that require cleaning. For tougher spills, use a mild soap or vinegar mixed

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